Research Approach

Starting in 2001, the then DfES funded Alligan to research the provision of fixed and loose furniture for schools, subject specialisms, primary schools and special schools.  The published outcome was a guidance document for Academy projects.  The results were subsequently incorporated in DfE guidance for all new schools.

The primary conclusion of the research programme was that the physical resourcing and interior design of classrooms has a major impact on teaching and learning.  The research data provided a picture of current best practise and future aspirations.



Alligan is totally independent of any furniture or equipment manufacturers and suppliers and can therefore provide an impartial evaluation of tender returns based upon the client’s requirements.  Alligan preserves this independence by ensuring the full amount of all discounts negotiated is passed to the client.


Alligan is experienced in the OJEU process and with product evaluation, supplier assessment and contract negotiation.


Alligan has ensured that the supply of furniture and equipment has been under budget on every project that we have worked on to date.


Alligan has provided the Furniture and Equipment consultancy for the following projects.

  • Chelsea Academy
  • John Madjeski Academy, Reading
  • Lambeth Academy 
  • Marlowe Academy, Ramsgate
  • Merchants Academy
  • Northampton Academy
  • Oasis Academy, Bristol
  • Oasis Academy, Enfield
  • Oasis Academy, Grimsby
  • Oasis Academy, Immingham
  • Paddington Academy
  • Peckham Academy
  • Walthamstow Academy
  • West London Academy
  • Wintringham Academy
  • Wren Academy, Finchley


See a summary of Alligan's work with the Academy programme here


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