In every open Academy, we have been successful in ensuring that the educational readiness of the Academies has been acknowledged through both the pre-Ofsted assessment and the Academies Divisions Implementation Sign-off.


Alligan deploys a highly experienced Academies Overall Project Manager as its Education Director to manage the activities of the education consultants and to act as the liaison manager with the Sponsor, Project Manager, Principal Designate and the Project Steering Group.


All of Alligan’s education consultants are highly qualified professionals with a significant breadth of experience as advisers, inspectors, consultants, headteachers and as a member of national education committees.  The quality of their advice thus comes from the diversity of the roles which they have held within the education sector.


Our consultants are recognised by their capacity to identify ways in which to implement innovative solutions in schools facing challenge.  For example, we are skilled in supporting schools to introduce personalised learning.  In fact, two of our consultants have co-authored a teacher’s guide on implementing personalised learning.


Alligan has provided the education consultancy for the following projects:


  • Barnsley Academy
  • Northampton Academy
  • Oasis Academy, Brightstowe, Bristol
  • Oasis Academy, Enfield
  • Oasis Academy, Grimsby
  • Oasis Academy, Hengrove, Bristol
  • Oasis Academy, Immingham
  • Oasis Academy, Lords Hill, Southampton
  • Oasis Academy, Mayfield, Southampton
  • Oldham College Academy
  • Paddington Academy
  • Peckham Academy
  • Peterborough Academy
  • St Paul’s Academy, Greenwich
  • Salford City Academy
  • Sheffield Park Academy
  • Stockport Academy
  • Walthamstow Academy
  • West London Academy
  • William Hulme Academy


We consistently deliver excellent educational consultancy from the start of Feasibility through to the opening of a new Academy time after time


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